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The next morning both Julia and Jake woke up simultaneously. Their bodies still clenched together.

Julia's face immediately started to blush red remembering the promise she made yesterday. She had already accepted their sexual relationship, but still, she got very shy knowing that now too in the morning they would have sex.

Jake's hands slowly made their way to her breasts and ass, started to grope them.

The previous mornings Julia would have slapped them away almost immediately, but now she let Jake do what he wanted and frankly, it got her a bit aroused as well. Feeling Jake's greedy hands constantly playing with her body just felt right to her.

She just hoped he wouldn't get tired of it. Jake knew though that with a body as sexy as that of Julia's he wouldn't ever get tired of it. No matter how much he groped her breasts or fondled her ass. No matter how much they kissed or fucked. Jake very much enjoyed indulging himself in Julia's body.

Jake seeing Julia didn't mind it and let him play with her body as much as he wanted, so naturally, he continued playing with her, pinching her nipples while lightly slapping her ass. Less rough than he did so the day before, but still a small moan escaped Julia's mouth. Jake knew for sure Julia was becoming a masochist, enjoying the light pain he gave her.

So naturally, Jake fully capitalized on it and played a bit rougher with her, yet making sure not to go too far.

"J-Jake not too rough."

Julia too had started to realize that whenever Jake started getting rougher, instead of not liking it her body was reacting positively to it. She started to feel good when it actually should hurt a bit.

So even though she liked it she asked him to stop, as she knew if he continued that way she would definitely not be able to stop him later on.

Jake did as she asked and started to play with her body more gently then he said: "you have to kiss me though."

Jake moved in for a kiss but didn't move the last few centimeters. Julia closed the distance and put her lips on top of his mouth. Having accepted that their relationship was now of a sexual kind, she got less shy and embarrassed every day and she decided to just go with the flow.

So she kissed him as both of them started to suck on each other's lips. Not long after, Jake invaded her mouth with his tongue. Julia responded in kind and started to tangle her tongue around his.

They were now having a full-on lewd kiss as they continued it for a few minutes. All the while Jake was playing with her body. Groping her tits, lightly playing with her nipples, fondling her juicy ass and even playing with her clitoris and softly fingering her.

No part of Julia's body was left unsatisfied and Jake had already found out that even without Julia getting horny due to his hypnotic suggestions, her pussy was already overflowing with love juices.

This was what Jake wanted. To turn Julia into a horny woman without the need for his h

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