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After Julia and Jake once again finished their heated evening session, the lay together on the bed.

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Jake was lying on his back when Julia snuggled close to him, putting her head on his chest, while the rest of her body slowly grinded against him. In minutes Julia had fallen asleep on top of Jake's chest, like she was his lover from many years, a small smile on her beautiful sleeping face.

Jake feeling Julia's body so nicely pressed against him, enjoying the moment. He soon fell asleep very happy as well. His plan in making Julia his was coming together nicely and in time she would truly fall for him and she would be begging him to fuck her soaking pussy every time of the day.

Jake was truly planning on transforming this beautiful adoptive mother of his into the perfect sex slave, who would be horny all the time only wanting for Jake's dick to ravage her insides.

Dreaming of Julia obeying him completely and serving his dick with her all, morning soon arrived. Jake woke up and the first thought he had was how the still sleeping Julia would react this morning around.

She had probably already realized that she wasn't able to go against the pleasure accumulating in her body. She knew that even if she steeled her resolve and promised herself not to repeat all these lewd things with Jake, that would disappear very quickly out her mind when her body would go in heat, lusting for Jake.

Now Jake was wondering if she would keep denying she enjoyed this in the morning and would still say this wouldn't happen again. Or if she accepted it in her mind that her body longed for the pleasure only Jake could give her and that she very much enjoyed having sex with Jake as well.

Not long after Julia woke up as well, her body still close to Jake's as the bed just wasn't very big, so they had to sleep close to one another. Not that Jake cared about this, he enjoyed Julia's body pressed against him very much.

Like the previous two nights, Julia's embarrassing memories from the night before flooded her mind, making her very shy once more. It had happened again. She so desperately resisted it, but in the end, she gave up within minutes.

Remembering she even wore that sexy lingerie just for Jake, she got so embarrassed she wanted to just disappear.

Then she even gave him a blowjob, but that wasn't the worst. She remembered swallowing his semen like someone who hadn't drank something in two days. She remembered the taste perfectly and she even felt like swallowing some of his semen once more as she just really liked the taste.

Every day the things she would do would become lewder and lewder as she and Jake continued to have a lot of horny sex. Jake pounded her like crazy every night and she enjoyed it more and more. Even now she had the urge to have sex with him even though her body wasn't in heat. Just remembering the pleasure Jake could give her was enough.

Still, she put away that thought very quickly and started to get out of bed. She knew saying it wouldn't happen again was futile as Julia herself knew that tonight, she would end up in his bed once more.

She hoped Jake wouldn't say anything as she prepared to leave the room. Naturally Jake wouldn't let her go this easily.

"Leaving quietly this time?"

Julia startled a bit as she hoped Jake wouldn't notice her sneaking out of the room. She didn't really know what to say to Jake right now. Saying it wouldn't happen again was useless, as Julia knew her body now desired sex with Jake.

But she was too embarrassed about it to say something else. But before she could even think of something to Jake, he spoke.

"How about a good morning kiss this time around, or are you keep lying to yourself and say it won't happen again?"

Julia sighed and said: "no, I understand that our 'relationship' will continue."

"Then how abou

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