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Jake was being bored inside his room when suddenly he heard a small knock on his door. A wide smile appeared on his face knowing Julia finally couldn't resist anymore. So Jake forcefully made the smile disappear as he walked to the door. He didn't want Julia to know he was expecting her.

Jake opened the door a bit and the figure of Julia appeared in his view. She looked incredibly enticing. A red flush on her face as she was slowly grinding her legs together. Jake immediately knew Julia was truly in heat at the moment.

Jake though wasn't planning on making it easy for her.

"Julia, what is it?"

Julia had gathered her courage to come to Jake's room once more, hoping he could relieve the heat in her body. Yet now standing in front of him, she became utterly embarrassed. This morning she had said to him it would never happen again, yet now she was the one knocking on his door.


Hearing Jake call her name once more she startled awake.

"I-I want it again."

"You want to have sex?"

Julia lightly nodded, her face getting redder every second.

"But this morning you said it was a mistake and wouldn't happen again."

Julia naturally remembered what she said. Promising herself she would never do those things with Jake once more. Yet now she was standing here.

"I know what I said, still I want you to do me."

Julia got a bit more assertive as her body needed Jake's dick.

Jake smiled as he said to her: "Okay, but have you shaved?"

"Shaved?" Julia didn't understand what he was talking about.

Jake looked down at her pussy, especially the area above and Julia immediately realized what Jake meant. She hadn't shaved, so her pussy still had quite some pubic hair on top.


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"Okay, then if you shave your pussy, we'll have sex."

Julia got embarrassed heavily. Having her teenage son order her to shave herself to have him fuck her.

"I can't do that."

"That's fine as well, I'll see you tomorrow then. Sleep tight." Jake said as he started to close the door.

Julia though immediately stopped him and her earlier thought of not wanting to shave just because Jake wanted it flew out the window.

"Fine, I'll do it."

Julia raced away quickly not wanting to waste any more time.

Jake just smiled. Yes, he would like it more if Julia shaved, but he would fuck her regardless. He just wanted to manipulate Julia a bit and it seemed like it would work. Now every night when Julia wanted sex, he would have her do something embarrassing first.

All of this in order to get Julia prepared for the time she would become his slave fully and would have to do anything he wanted her to. Fucking Julia every night naturally would be very nice, but Jake wanted more than that.

He wanted Julia's pussy available to him at all times. He wanted her to follow his orders complete

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