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acpven > God of Illusions > Chapter 942: Ye Xi’s Scheme
forget your present status. I can lock you up and ‘escort’ you to the capital that way,” said Ye Xi.

Tan Xin was one-hit KO’ed. If they really started a fight, they would be in a difficult position as their ability to seal energy was absolutely no joke.

“It’s only some bandits. I don’t believe they are a match for a group of Exquisite Rank puppet masters. I alone can destroy them!” Tan Xin immediately changed the subject.

If this were somewhere else, there would be no problem with what she said. But…

“Those bandits have been in contact with the Sacks and have acquired the same ability as the Moon Shadow Army.”

The Moon Shadow Army, the blanket title of all the corps guarding Moonlight’s northern borders, represented the highest combat power of the empire. Anything under this title automatically had an extraordinary status.

“That means we can’t use force. I’ll just go,” Bai Xiaofei finally found the opportunity to speak, and he said exactly what Ye Xi wanted to hear.

“That’s what I think as well. As long as you handle this matter, I’ll make sure what you said in Indigo City will never be known to anyone else,” Ye Xi was straightforward to agree.

Although Bai Xiaofei didn’t care much about this, he was very interested in the Black Dragon Swarm. To be able to contact the Sacks, they must have been from the border, but retired Moonlight soldiers would never become bandits… If they are men, I must meet them.

“I’m going with you!” Tan Xin immediately said, her face stubborn.

“What for, my dear master? To drag my feet? Without the ability of creation, you are just a big little girl.” Bai Xiaofei stroked her head with a smile that allowed no rebuttal.


“Don’t worry, even Shadow Death can’t hurt me. How can I be troubled by some mountain bandits?” He interrupted her and then gave her a quick hug. “Wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Then, he jumped on the horse prepared by the soldiers and galloped into the horizon.

“Is he really your servant? Your relationship…” Ye Xi repeated the question she had asked more than once.

And as always, Tan Xin’s answer was a cold snort. “Why does it have to be like yours? I prefer it this way!” With that, she returned to her carriage.

Meanwhile, Ye Xi’s confidant came up to her and asked tentatively, “My Lord, we don’t actually have to pass through the Black Dragon Swarm…”

“Without a test, how will we know how capable he is? Besides, we can afford to waste this short time. Just make up for it by hurrying later. If he is really such an excellent tool, my sister will be very happy.” Ye Xi’s lips curled up and her eyes flashed with a cunning glint.


The Black Dragon Swarm was quite different from the barren land that Bai Xiaofei had imagined. After passing by the stone tablet engraved with the three words ‘Black Dragon Swarm,’ filling his vision was a lush area of towering trees covering the sky. It was nothing like what normal land in the north

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