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acpven > God of Illusions > Chapter 941: Sealing Ability!
Chapter 941: Sealing Ability!

A long and grand motorcade slowly left Indigo City, marking it as the most memorable point in its history as its destination was the imperial capital. According to the presiding officer, all the people in the group would be personally welcomed by the emperor!

This news was like thunder on a clear day for everyone. The masters of all the thirty contestants who had passed the qualification round also joined the team, hence the big number of people.

Since women who had servants normally would have a certain status, they and their servants all traveled in their own carriages.

“Tch!! What’s there to show off about that?!! If it weren’t that my Windsurfing Ship is recharging, even hundreds of their trashy carriages won’t be its match!”

Inside a carriage provided for Moonlight officials, Tan Xin stamped her feet in anger. Just now, all the other women mocked her for not having her own carriage.

“Why bother with them? It’s enough that I know how powerful you are,” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly coaxed while peeling an orange for Tan Xin.

“When we get to the capital… um… delicious… I will teach them a lesson!” Tan Xin chewed her orange as if she was chewing those women.

“Uh-huh, definitely teach them a good lesson,” Bai Xiaofei chimed in.

Suddenly, the motorcade came to a halt.


A shrill cry for help rang out just as everyone was wondering why they stopped. Bai Xiaofei immediately got out of the carriage and saw a group of women in tattered outfits being chased by a group of men.

“Mountain bandits! Prepare to fight!”

At the officer’s command, all the guards rushed past the women in distress to protect them.

Mountain bandits were the only group of Moonlight men who could still retain their dignity, but were also a target of high priority of the Moonlight Army!

“Behind you!” shouted Bai Xiaofei to the soldiers.

Unfortunately, he was too late. The protected women now behind the soldiers had suddenly turned and violently attacked a group of soldiers, making them face the armed and charging mountain bandits while in a vulnerable state.

After only one round, the soldiers fell into a disadvantageous predicament.

“Help them!” Bai Xiaofei shouted to Tan Xin and rushed out.

Before he reached the battlefield, Tan Xin’s skill had already taken effect. Earth spikes accurately pierced through a large number of bandits and disrupted their momentum.

Meanwhile, the rest of the motorcade had also gotten out of their carriages to help, proving how every woman in Moonlight was scarier than the next. Every single master of the contestants was a puppet master. The situation instantly became one-sided after they joined in.

The seventy-odd bandits either died or fled with injuries. However, the soldiers had suffered heavy casualties from the first wave of attacks, therefore the motorcade had to stop.

After this battle, the people who had laughed at Tan Xin before started to be very enthusiastic toward her. They weren’t blind and could see that the fighting ability of both Bai Xiaofei or Tan Xin could not be underestimated. Although Moonlight was a country that favored women and was dominated by women, power was still the universal passport of the continent.

“What do you think of that ambush?” Bai Xiaofei found the presiding officer who was bandaging her wound. Just now, he had blocked a knife for her, which was a good stepping stone to get close.

“Ordinary bandits, what else?” replied the officer lightly. She was already showing gratitude by not directly driving him away.

“Ordinary bandits would dare to block an imperial motorcade? You think they’re really tired of living? And they clearly came prepared, alright? From what I can see, not everyone has the ability to seal energy circulation,” said Bai Xiaofei.

The officer’s face instantly sank. “One will die soon for knowing too much!” Her voice was cold and murderous.


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