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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 4 Chapter 4: Game Released!
After the game is finished Matt decided to release it but not through the already established digital distribution platform like Stream but rather interestingly making his own website to distribute his own game to the masses.

Matt first opened his internet browser then searched for a website hosting company, after he opened the one he liked he checked if his domain is available to buy.

[Domain: Unitech.com]

[Availability: Available]

Matt saw that the domain is available then he bought it in an instant.

after bought the domain name he asked the system, "GAS, can you design a website?"

GAS answered him with a synthetic voice "That is an easy job host."

After the system replied Matt he works his job making the website Matt wants.

When Matt sees the homepage and other stuff worked out how he wanted it to be he felt satisfied by the system greatness.

After everything is done, he goes to the website editor and uploaded his game to the website to be downloaded, he didn't set a fixed price for the game since he didn't want to make a loss *even though he didn't pay anything for the game to be made* .

Matt already decided to use a subscription based payment that cost $10 per month. After that Matt then rented a server to host his games.

"It's not done yet! there is one last thing to do, and that is advertising!" after he said that he goes to Doodle Ads to buy ads for his games, and with that, he is done for the day.

since everything is already done he decided to rest, but before he can do that, "Matt, do you want to come with me to the newly opened mall nearby?" sound of his mom asking came from downstairs. Matt just remembered that a mall just opened nearby since a week or so ago.

Since there is nothing else to do he replied his mom Ina, "Alright mom, wait for me a for few minutes I am gonna change my clothes first!", "Ok, I will wait for you but hurry!" after he heard that he hurriedly change his clothes and goes downstairs almost slipped on his foot and falls down.

"Alright, let's go now" his mom then opened the door that led to the garage next door.

After getting in and fastening his seatbelt the car goes out of the garage and goes to the Mall.

When on the road his mom asked Matt a question, "What have you been doing on your room all this time? it's not like you, honey.", "I am actually making my first game mom even though it is not finished yet but I guarantee that it will be awesome!" he answered her truthfully but with a little lie on the end.

"I see! you are genius, my son!" bragging about him, "You should let me look at it after it is completed, ok sweety?", "No, problem mom..." he answered embarrassed of what she just said.

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