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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 7 Chapter 7: Shock and Amazement II
Dylan is very excited about the game and he has a feeling that the game will become very popular very fast.

He decided that he would download the game and play it if he found it worthwhile to play he would make it into a let's play for his YouCube channel.

When he watched the game being downloaded he felt he got scammed by it because of the amount of data that needed to be downloaded is very small and from what he sees in the in-game promotional video it looked like it required a lot of space to download but when he saw the data again he knows that he is not hallucinating, the game really is only a few hundred megabytes, his eyes are wide open not believing what he saw on his computer screen.

Dylan wanted to know who made the game so he searched the website and saw that the game is made by a company that he is not very familiar with called , from what he remembers he hasn't heard anything about this company that came from out of nowhere, he is a hardcore game fan but he still doesn't know this mysterious company came from.

While he is in his mind wondering about this mysterious company, the game is already finished downloading and a notification sound comes from the computer making him come back to the reality.

Dylan started the game and when he opened it a cutscene played it introduced him to the lore of the game and how it is played after that the cutscene ended with 'Welcome to a new Universe!'.

The main menu appeared asking him if he wanted to start a new journey, he answered Yes.

What came after is a series of particles that covered the whole screen and when all of that gone a character creation menu appears, first he needed to choose his species, there are about 5 playable species but he chooses Human as his species since it is the most familiar to him after that he continues to make his character.

Dylan finished making his perfect character after that he clicked finished and when that happens the character is transported into a portal when he opened his eyes again what he saw was people everywhere and tons of skyscrapers that is taller than the Burj Khalifa is reaching into space, but the most important thing he sees is the space elevator in the distance.

"It's impossible! I don't believe this is a game" said Dylan with a loud voice.

"Haha! look at that guy expression, I am very sure that guy is very shocked right now, the same as me when I just got into the game" said somebody to his friend while laughing.

Dylan heard them talking about him and he quieted down with a red shade of embarrassment on his face.

After his mind and body come together he calmed down and see the people around him, he doesn't see anything interesting but one thing for sure is that all people around him are NPC, if not for the indicator above their head he probably has thought that they are a real player playing the game.

Dylan decided to explore...

He is amazed by how amazing the game is, he saw car flying, spaceship cruising on space to other planet and other stuff, "This game indeed have endless possibilities the ad he sees is not lying" he said in his mind.

Dylan decided to end the day here and uploaded the video he captured to his channel.

When everything was done he slept until the next day.

But he doesn't know that the video he just uploaded will become a sensation making people curious and wanted to play the game also he is the first influential person to upload the in-game video, making it viral.

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