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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 11 Chapter 11: "Finally Done!"
Soon, the two arrived safely in front of the real estate building. Getting out the car the two head inside.

Inside the building, the two head toward Hazel's office, after arriving in front of the door, Hazel opens it and goes inside as Matt follows behind.

Inside the office, Matt sat on a chair with a table in front. On the other hand, Hazel walked toward her table and takes out a paper from the drawer as he looked from the of his eyes, "Here is the contract, Mr. Matt" she said giving the paper to him after she sat down onto a chair in opposite of him.

Matt received the paper and reads it. For the most part, everything is good. After done reading it he signed it off and gave it back to her.

"Here is a copy of the contract that you have signed, you can keep that one," she said.

Afterward Matt and Hazel got up, "Happy to cooperate with you!", the duo said unison while they shook hands, smiling.

'Finally, everything is done' Matt sigh. He walked towards the front door of the building, heading outside.

After Matt left the building, he saw many passers-by moving around in their Winter jackets. He remembered that in a few days the winter season would end and Spring would come. The college will also open soon, and that meant his holiday was ending.

Matt walked on the sidewalk just as everyone else was. A fragrant smell wafted into his nostrils, stopping him in his tracks, completely frozen in place, physically unable to move a single muscle. Paralysed. Not because of the chilly breeze that cut into his skin and sank into his bones, rather he smelled something in the air which made his mouth water and his stomach churn. He wanted something to eat!

He looked around searching for the source of the smell, and that's when he caught sight of an inconspicuous stall tucked into the alleyway nearby.

Thinking with his stomach, not his brain, he approached it. When he arrived at the stall, he sees a worker with a grill in front, several skewers slowly turning on top of it.

What he saw was on the next level, he stared, eyes wide as the skewer burned on the grill and smoke clouded his vision. the charcoal on the meat had turned to a red-hot burning color as the juicy fat inside seeped out, dripping onto the black charcoal. After staring at the skewers for a long time, his throat dried out. Matt wanted to devour the juicy meat on the skewers in a single bite. Thus, he bought one to see if it tasted as good as it looked.

He put the skewer into his mouth and bites into the meat, before finally biting all the way down. The meat was slightly burned, just the way he liked it. The outside was tough, but as he bit down further, the taste of charcoal was replaced with a soft, almost squidgy texture. The meat's flavor oozed out. The juices mixed with his saliva as he hastily devoured the chunks. The peppers, sweet soy sauce and peanut sauce added a sweet, spicy and also savory taste. His mouth felt like it was in a paradise as the cockta

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