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A few weeks pass by and it's finally the time for schools to open. It is still winter season but the break is already over.

Monday morning, Matt is getting ready for his first last year of high school, after getting clothed with his school uniform he walked downstairs.

"Mom, are you home!?" He did not see or hear his mom anywhere in the house. Matt felt worried, but he then remembered that yesterday his mom Ina told him that she would be going out to work this morning leaving him alone at home.

Finishing the food on the table he got from the chair and grabbed his bag in the living room sofa, going out to the garage beside the house and goes to school on a bike.

While on the road to his school, Matt tries to remember what has been going on, in the past week.

First, AXION keeps getting popular as each day passed, charting it as the most popular of all time based on the number of concurrent players playing each day and it is only small differences between each website.

Finally, just a day before his mom happily told him that she just got promoted to a managerial position and left with a task to become a new manager at a new restaurant that opened a few kilometers away from their house, which is a piece of happy news!

While cycling, he checked his watch making sure that he is not late. But unlucky for him, the time is ticking fast and the gate is closing early, so he hurriedly cycles as fast as he can to the school

Matt reached his destination, he then looked at the sign above the gate and checked if this was the right place he should be, the sign says "Welcome to Brightwell Senior High!"

Going inside he greeted Mrs. Alexandra, his homeroom teacher. He got news that she just got married one month ago when it is the break. Mrs. Alexandra or the student likes to call her Mrs. Xandra is actually a very beautiful person, she got red hair, small eyes with a cute nose and beautiful lips.

After the class, it is time for a break.

Matt's friend Jason then visited his class inviting him to take a break together.

While Jason and Matt are chatting they both saw a beautiful girl walking in front of them and asks Jason, "Do you know her? I have not seen her here before."

When he saw her face Matt remember to have seen her somewhere before.

"Yeah, If I am not wrong she just got transferred here and today is her first day at school. She is also in the same grade as we do."

"Really!? Then do you know her name?"

"Do you like her?" Jason said to him jokingly while poking with his elbow.

Embarrassed by what his friend Matt denied his questions. "No! I just got intrigued by her, just that nothing else!"

"Well fine then... if you don't want to answer," his friend said gleefully smiling on his face, amused by Matts action. "Well… someone I know in her class told me that her name is Linda, as for her surname… I don't know about that."

After the break is over Matt returns to the classroom and finishes the rest of the

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