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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 13 Chapter 13: A Great Friend
New York, USA.

Jack is currently sitting on a chair that's in front of what looked to be a gaming PC. But if people see his monitor right now, they will probably be clutching their head in agony and look at him with pity while muttering under their breath, "of all the games, why that?"

He is currently playing the most disastrous game of the year, a lot of people played the game but tons of them refunded it after just playing it for a few days, and that is not the only bad thing about it, the problem is much worse than that!


While battling against a very difficult main boss that only revived once every two weeks, he got distracted by the vibration of the phone in his pocket losing his chance to end the life of the boss that is only a sliver away of dying. The boss saw it as a chance to retaliate against its enemy and attacked because Jack's character health is also very low and there nobody else besides him challenged the boss, he got killed in an instant, reviving in the nearby settlement which is far away from where his battle is.

Vein bulging on his head. He cursed at whoever is calling him on such unfortunate timing. Venting his anger he answers his phone, "Fu*k you! Why did you have to call me now!"

On the other side of the phone, a person is surprised by Jack's harsh tone, "It's very rare of you to cursing at people like that. What happened?"

Jack continues with cursing his friend. "Fu*k you! If not because of your shit*y call. I would not have killed myself when fighting agaimst the boss!"

Hearing that, the person chuckled. "You're still playing that piece of s*it of game? You should just trashed it long before and play a different one."

"What else should I play? I don't have money to buy something else, didn't you already know?"

His friend then joked. "Haha! I feel like dying. What a misser you are." He then sent a link to Jack's phone. "Check this website out, you will find it interesting"

After receiving it, jack typed it onto his computer and opened it. "What is this website about?"

"I found that website when searching for an interesting game to download and play, and I found a game there called AXION. It is free and also very cool to play, but you must pay a monthly subscription after a certain time, and it is not that expensive either, only 10 dollars a month to enjoy the full service."

"Fine, I will download it now. Just you wait, if you lied to me, I will come to your house and demand compensation!"

"Hou... When did I lie to you? Anyway, I just called to tell you that. If you need help when playing the game, just add me as your friend. My IGN is "CharmingPrince" don't forget to add me ok!"

His friend then cut off the call.

Jack hearing his friend, decided to believe on him since he is a YouTuber, so probably he won't lie to him but he won't be sure either...

After the download is complete, Jack opened the game to see if what his friend says is true or not. What greeted

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