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After the accident on the first floor, Matt is now on the second floor of the hospital where the administration office is.

Matt told the workers inside that he would like to finish the admission application for his mom, "Also can you please upgrade her to a better room?"

Matt saw the worker stop on his track and stared at him as if he was looking at a crazy person.

"Why did he look at me like that?" Matt inwardly thought to himself clueless as for why the worker looks at him with those look. Matt noticed that other people that may have heard their conversation also stared at him weirdly. They are staring up and down his body, so unconsciously Matt looked at his body on the mirror nearby.

Matt gazes at himself on the mirror wondering what people see. Matt is wearing a t-shirt with a jacket on top to keep himself warm and an ankle length pants as his bottom.

"Sir, are you really sure that you like to upgrade the ward? It will cost more than the normal one, are you aware of it? The worker told Matt.

After hearing that statement Matt finally realized what is happening.

From what he recalls from his memory is that this hospital is the number two hospital to visit because of its "good treatment" so patient flocked to this hospital to get that treatment, this increased the price for that treatment especially those that in the better wards. the increases in price also mean that the fewer money people have in their pocket the less prioritization they get.

So the worker may have seen his clothes and thought that he is poor when in reality he is not, even though that is a half-true half-false statement.

With a smile of awkwardness, he replied to the worker, "Of course! I like to upgrade her ward"

Hearing Matt the worker still doubted him based on what he wears, "Then sign this."

Matt looked at the paper on the table, the title said 'Patient Admittance' signing on it. After done signing Matt required to pay a certain fee in advance, so he takes out a black card out of his wallet, giving it to the worker before him.


Finishing the paperwork, Matt headed out to see his mom at the ICU after her surgery is complete. Seeing his mom lying on the bed a tear came out of his eyes without him aware of it.

Later when his condition stabilized the nurses moved her to the VIP ward where Matt paid.

Inside, the ward is spacious like that of an executive room in hotels, there is a bed for the patient to sleep, sofa, table, tv and there is even a spacious bathroom and what more there is another bed for the one that likes to stay and with their family. To Matt this room is perfect!

Matt sat on the bed beside his mom and waited for the doctor and nurses to finish their job. When the doctor and nurses are out of the room Matt lied on the bed that he sat on.

Feeling tired, Matt slowly closed his eyes.

It is have been a stressful day for Matt after getting a call from the hospital informing him that his mom is in an accident.

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