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After Matt and Linda said goodbye, he takes the parked cycle out from where he put it this morning and goes home.

After reaching home, he noticed that it is evening already, walking in with his shoes still on, he collapsed onto the sofa due to the weariness of studying all day. He weakly looked around and noticed his mom wasn't home. Inwardly he thought "Mom is late... Could she be still at work?"

Matt forcibly dragged himself off the sofa and trudged into the kitchen, he searched the fridge for any edible ingredients and saw a few eggs, spring onions, red chili, and minced pork. 'Alright then, guess I'm making fried rice tonight...'

He whipped out the kitchen knife and the chopping from within the cabinets and started to prepare the ingredients. Finely chopping up the spring onions and red chili easily as if he had done this over and over again, he cracked opened 2 eggs beautiful and beat them up in a bowl.

He took out a pan out of the cupboard and heated it up on the stove, before adding in a few teaspoons of cooking oil. As the oil began to bubble, he quickly tossed in his beaten eggs and stir-fried it until it was about 50% cooked, he quickly threw in the minced meat, and red chili, to allow the flavors from within to seep out. Once the meat and eggs were 80% cooked, he added in the rice and began to stir-fry all the ingredients together. The sound of the oil crackling, and the smell of the meat and eggs slowly seeped into the surroundings. But Matt wasn't done yet, he then added in a pinch of salt, some chicken stock powder and finally a teaspoon of soy sauce and cranked up the heat to the highest possible level. He tossed the rice and various ingredients into the air, allowing the rice to be infused with the spices. Once the fried rice sizzled perfection, he turned off the stove and flipped the rice onto the dinner plate without losing a single grain.

While Matt was busy stuffing the food he made into his stomach, he felt his heart rates increasing and sweat pouring out the pores of his body drenching his clothes wet, making him felt something is wrong.


Ina Helena Parker drove her car back to her house after a hard-working day as a manager at the restaurant she worked at., the signal lights turned red and she slowed down her car to stop in front of the intersection. While waiting, she heard the sound of a brake screeching on a tire coming from behind her. She turned her head to look at the car mirror and saw a car speeding towards her, her reactions were slow and before she knew it, a force crashed into her car, turning it upside down while she is locked inside... After that, she heard nothing but quietness in her ears. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around to see what happened, but could only see red through one of her eyes. Helena touched her eyes and saw a reddish liquid on her hands, it smelled like iron and Helena didn't even need a second to guess what it was... After all, it was her own blood.

Hearing people around her Ina called for help. Unfortunately, but before she can do that she lost too much blood causing her to become unconscious. A sound of an ambulance siren is heard coming from afar, getting closer and closer to her place after she lost conscious unaware of her surrounding. After it stopped, the crew inside got off the car they put Ina on a bed and pushed Ina inside, they put an oxygen mask on her face helping her breathe the air.

After nearly half an hour of cutting traffic, they finally arrived at a hospital. The crew got Ina out of the ambulance pushing her inside, a doctor come and ask while checking her condition, "What happened to her?"

One of the crew calmly replied, "She is involved in a car accident and got a severe head injury and also lost an excessive amount of blood and currently in shock!"

The doctor looking pale asked the crew to follow him to one of the bed, they then moved Ina's body to one of the bed inside the emergency room of the hospit

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