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The next evening Matt and Linda met each other at a cafe near the school named Petal Cafe.

The Cafe just opened a few weeks ago, the last time Matt visited this place a few days after it opens and he liked the taste of the coffee.

While sitting on of the table, Matt asked Linda, "So have you decided to join me?"

The aroma of coffee lingers in the air from the brewing machine that is puffing hot air into the atmosphere making the Cafe soothingly good place to chat.

Linda heard Matt asking and replied, "Yes after thinking for some time, I agree to become your company's chief executive officer. anyway Matt, what is your company's name is?"

A waitress came with a tray on her hand with a coffee that Matt ordered, placing it down Matt answered her question, "Here is your contract." Linda took the contract and read on it, "The company's name is originally intended to be 'Unitech' but I have decided to ditch that name for a new one called 'GreenSea Studio'

Drinking the tea she ordered Linda take a look at the contract Matt gave to her, "GreenSea Studio? That is a good name!"

After finished reading, Linda took out a pen from her purse before signing it and return it to Matt while Linda keeps the copy safe.

"Do you have your building ready, Matt?" Linda said.

"I am, I have been planning this months ago so I got some of the stuff ready," Matt said.

"Is that so? Can I see it?

"Sure, No problem."

Finished drinking their own orders Matt followed Linda to her car, today Linda is not escorted or driven by somebody but decided to drive for herself.

Embarrassed to look at Linda who can drive and have a license, Matt remembered when driving at a taxi somewhere and made a promise to himself to get a license.

"What car do you drive, Linda?"

"Me? It is a Tesla Model S." Linda look back at Matt moving her hand toward her neck to fix her hair, "Why did you ask? do you like to buy one?"

Matt seeing her got stunned by her look, "I... I am planning to, but after I get my license first."

"You still haven't got one!?" Linda's eyes got wide and her head moved back a little surprised by what Matt said, "How old you are, still haven't received a license yet?"

"Well... I am planning to get one."

Matt then opened the passenger door and sat while Linda got inside the driver seat.

On the road, Linda is driving so fast that it makes the car they passed blurry, "Hey Linda! slow down or we could get stopped by the police!"

At the road, Linda drives so fast that it got caught by police in the car nearby with siren and light blazing through the road.

Hearing the siren behind her car Linda pulled over beside the road with the police followed by.

one of the Police got of their car and approached Linda's car from the driver side position. knocking the glass to come down.

"Hello, Miss! Did you know what you did back then?" the police asked Linda the driver.

"I'm sorry officer, I think I got out of the speed limit." Linda smiled and laughed shaking it off like it was nothing.

"Can I see your license please..."

"Alright, let me take it out from my pocket." Linda tried reaching her pocket and after a hard work it finally came out!

Taking the license the cop looked at it and return it back to Linda without writing any fine, "Here is your license Miss, for now, I will just give you a warning but next time don't repeat it again or else you will get fined."

"I am sorry officer, I will try to remember it. Thank you."

The cop then returned to his car and drive away.

"See... I told you!" Matt said to Linda.

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