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Matt, our protagonist is currently scouring the internet looking an inspiration for his newest game design when suddenly a pop-up appears in front of him.

"Hmm... what's this? a pop-up?" said Matt, when he saw it on his screen, after making sure that it got no virus or malware he clicked on it because of his curiosity.

A few seconds after the page loaded up a bright light emitted out of the monitor and caught him unprepared blinding him in the process. When he opened his eyes again, he is in a very confused state since he is now in a strange white room and not in his beloved bedroom.

Matt asked himself while looking around the place "Where am I?" that's when he spotted a table and a chair in the middle of the room, he got up and walked towards it, after getting close he saw a word floating on top of the table near him that says 'Please, sit' and he does it carefully as instructed with a look of amazement on his face.

After he sat on the chair, a person-like silhouette with a white long hair and light that shines around her body appears on the other side of the table and introduces herself to Matt, "Hello child, I'm Goddess, nice to meet you" She says to him, Matt is bewildered by the sudden appearance of this Goddess...

Matt finally comes to his senses and introduced himself to her, "Umm... hello, Goddess, my name is Matt Graham, you can call me Matt if you want" Matt replied to Goddess introduction while looking at the Goddess herself admiring her beauty, and what followed is a dead silence...

A few minutes fly by.

Matt asked Goddess "Umm... Goddess, do you know where am I?" there is a clear worry written all over his face.

Goddess saw Matt's face and said to him "Hahaha... You don't have to worry this is my space, nobody will harm you here, just relax and make yourself at home" Matt is told so by Goddess.

Matt then asked Goddess again with a different question, "How do I come to this place, GOD?"

Goddess asked him a question "Do you remember the Pop-up on your computer's screen?" and she sips a tea that is on her hand

Matt answers Goddess "Yes I do if I remember it right when I clicked on it a bright light came out of my screen and temporarily blinded me and when I open my eyes again, here I am in front of you, Goddess"

Goddess then replied Matt "Haha... actually that Pop-up is made by this Goddess, sorry for the inconvenience" Goddess apologized to Matt and keep on talking "That Pop-up is actually a WISH Pop-up, it means that this Goddess will grant you one wish for free, so my child Matt what kind of wish do you want to be granted?".

Matt then asked Goddess with a wary look on his face "is that true Goddess?"

Goddess then answered Matt's worry "That is true, child, you don't have to worry this Goddess won't lie to you"

"so what wish do you want to be granted" asked Goddess for the second time.

After Matt got Goddess's confirmation and that he does not hear it wrong, Matt thinks in silence "Before I came here my hobby is designing a game but I can't create them because I don't have the tool to do it, maybe I can ask Goddess the tool for me to create those game and finally released them to the masses" after a few arguments with himself Matt finally decided his wish and told Goddess "I have decided!" Matt told Goddess with a normal voice.

Goddess asked Matt "So what is your wish, my child".

Matt told Goddess "My wish is to create awesome games, Goddess, can you gift me some kind of a tool to create the game I wanted?"

Goddess replied Matt with her answer "of course my child that is an easy wish for me wait for a second while I grab something" Goddess says to him smiling.

Matt saw the Goddess go to the wall behind her and a door appears out of nowhere and she goes inside the door.

A few minutes later she came back with something on her hand when Goddess reaches the table she extends her arm that holds the object and said this to him "Here my child take this item

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