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Hazel finally saw their destination, the two chatted with each other while on the road and because of that Matt and Hazel have become an acquaintance in a short amount of time.

The car then slows down and parked in front of a newly built building that looks like an average building in the city that is about 5~6 floors tall.

Hazel told him to get off the car because they have reached their location.

After Matt got off he looked at his surroundings.

'It is a great place for an office' Matt said in his mind when looking around.

There a big park nearby, a lot of restaurants and other things to enjoy after working.

Meanwhile, after Hazel got off the car she looked at Matt who is happened to be looking around like a curious panda and said, "Matt. Let's go, what are you looking at? don't you want to see the office?".

Matt heard her and looked back at her and said with a small laugh, "I'm sorry, I got distracted."

The two walked side by side to the building where his chosen office is located at.

Walking, she told him that the building is divided by offices on each floor and the offices are rented separately.

The place he will looking is located on the 3rd floor, the building has a lift so it's fine.

In the lift, the two are talking about something.

The lift door opened and what he saw is a corridor and there is a glass door in front of it.

Matt follows Hazel out of the lift, she walked in front of those glass doors then takes out a key out of her pocket, after the doors opened the two got in and she begins her explanation. She told that the place they're at now is where the reception is, and as for the rest it is empty. She said to him that the place is left empty because so that the one that bought the space can renovate on their own but there is other stuff to view so the two continues.

After half an hour tour of the place, Matt finished looking around.

Hazel then asks, "What do you think of this one, Matt?"

Hearing her asking he said, "It is a great place, how much this one priced at?"

Hazel hearing Matt asking the price, she hesitates but still told him, "The price is in a range of $5M dollars"

Matt is surprised when he heard that but thankfully he is here to rent not buy, "What about the rent?"

"It is about $100k per year," she said.

"That is great!" Matt felt relieved when he hears the price.

"Then do you like to buy or rent?" she asks.

"I liked to buy it but... I don't have that much money to buy, so I will rent it for just now." he shrugs

"Let's go back to my office and finish this transaction," she said to Matt.

After the two made a deal for Matt to rent the space, they head back to the car outside and drives to her office to finish the transaction.

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