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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 19 Chapter 19: Skipping School
Somewhere in the hospital…

A man is seen talking to someone beside him, "Ryder, search that man's information."

"Yes, Young Master!" Ryder replied.

The sound of a door then heard closing as Ryder goes out of the place.

"That guy… he interests me! Huhu…" The man smiled evilly.


Matt woke up from his sleep and yawned while putting his hand on his mouth as not to let flies inside.

Looking at his mother still unconscious he goes to the bathroom and gets a bath. Afterward, he decided to go to the mall again and buy himself some genuine clothes as not to get embarrassed as yesterday.

Before going tho, he called his school and told them that he will be skipping it for today for a personal reason.

Walking to the door Matt said goodbye to his mother and goes outside and closed the door.

While on the corridor to go outside Matt felt that he is being followed by someone but decided to ignore it for now.

Outside the hospital…

Matt saw a taxi come and hailed for it to stop, after the taxi stopped Matt goes inside and told the driver his destination, "Go to Mall ***, please."

While on the road Matt reminded himself that in the next few days he would need to go to the driving school and get himself a license so he can buy a car and drive it.

When stopping on the red light Matt saw a car on the back view mirror of the taxi, "I think I have seen that car before!" But when see to the back, the car is gone, "Am I hallucinating?" Matt is unsure of what's happening.

It's been one and half an hour from the hospital as Matt arrived at the mall. The mall is different from what he and his mother went from before, this mall is more High-end and Classy as than the previous one he visited which is more targeted toward budget spending.

The thing inside the mall all can be put in two words, Luxury and Designer Brands.

Heading inside he must first go through the security in the lobby, it is more strict than usual since these day crime and terrorism are common.

Walking through the security Matt can finally relax. What Matt saw after going inside is a gigantic statue in the middle of the mall that extends to the highest floor of the building, surrounding it is a pond full of fish swing inside.

Matt first goes towards the suit store where he can buy a suit made to order for a day, which meant that Matt can take it with him after he is done shopping what he needed.

The store he goes is famous for its brand Veniscy, it sells suits and other clothes, Female and Male included.

Going inside, the female Clerk ignored Matt because of his shabby look, but there is one clerk that talked to him.

"Hello sir, my name is Primrose. If you need any help please don't shy and ask me." Someone called Primrose slightly bowed while offering her help to Matt.

"I am here looking to get an order to made suit, can I get one ordered?" Matt asked Primrose.

"Sure, please follow me to get your size measured Mr. …"

"Matt Graham o

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