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The night has come while he looks through the data he sees, and plans for tomorrow activity.

Turning off the monitor, he rises from the chair, walking to the bed behind him. Closing his eyes as he falls into a slumber.

The next day... A light shines through the curtains, waking Matt up in the morning. Feeling sleepy, Matt got up and walked towards the window, opening it and enjoys the sunlight hitting his lazy body, He takes a deep breath and relaxes. While doing so he noticed that there is bad stench coming off his body, ruining the atmosphere. Therefore, he decided to get a shower and make himself clean before doing something else.

Done cleaning himself Matt wears his clothing's and afterward, he goes downstairs to greet his mom and obviously eat breakfast.

Downstairs, he sees his mom making breakfasts in the kitchen not far away from where he is going, the dining table.

He sat on the chair and saw his mom coming to the table with the breakfasts on her hand.

"Morning Mom!" greeted Matt.

"Morning Sweetie!" mom replied.

His mom then put the breakfast on the table and sat on the other chair opposite him.

All in all, Matt relationship with his mom is very harmonious. as for his dad? he is gone somewhere Matt doesn't know. In addition, he had not seen his dad since he is about the age of 3 and for this reason his mom takes care of him with great love and care.

Currently, Matt and his mom are living in an average house in the suburbs of City S, his mom doesn't know that he just made a fortune but she knows that he made a game recently. He wanted to surprise her but for now, he decided to make it a secret and avoid making his mom worry. Eventually, in the future, he will tell his mom about his works.

Subsequently, the two finished their breakfast, Matt told his mom that he gonna go out for the day as to not make her worry when he doesn't contact her. He then briefly goes to his room taking his smartphone and wallet before coming down again to go out.

He goes to the front door and shouted to his mom somewhere inside the house that he will be going out now.

Outside, He called for a taxi to his house... a few minutes pass by and it finally arrived, He goes in the back door, and told the driver his destination, the taxi then starts moving on the road towards his destination.


Hazel is a real estate agent that just joined Pinewood Real Estate Office a few months ago, so she is considered new within the business but Hazel got a knack for what she is working on, so she is very knowledgeable about what she is doing.

While Hazel is walking somewhere a person walks to her from behind and said, "Excuse Me..."


Matt arrived at his location, getting off the taxi after he paid the driver. He is standing in front of a real estate office. He then walks in.

Inside, he saw a woman walking somewhere he doesn't know and decided to ask her something,

"Excuse me... Are you an employee here?"

The woman heard Matt's voice and looks at him in the eyes and asked back,

"I'm sorry, are you talking to me, sir?"

"Yes I am, My name is Matt Graham." introduced Matt

"I am Hazel. Do you need any help, Mr. Matt?"

"Yes, Ms. Hazel. I am here hoping to look for a space to rent, I wonder if you know somebody that can help me."

"Oh... I can help you with that, please follow me Inside so we can talk more privately"

He then follows Hazel to her office.

Inside the office, Matt and Hazel sat on the chair available facing each other.

The two then continues their conversation from the lobby.

"You're here looking for space, is that right Mr. Matt?"


"so then what type of space are you looking for?"

"I am looking for an office, in the downtown of City S if possible."

"I see... then please take a look at this." Hazel showed a picture of an office and it is specifications.

However, when Matt see the picture, he got disappointed, because it is not to his lik

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