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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 12 Chapter 12: "Sorry..."
'Finally back home!' Matt sighed inwardly, As he walked on to his front door with a bag on one of his hand. After resting down for a moment, he rummaged through his lint-filled pockets and clutched at the old rusty keys, unlocking the door and entering. As the door swung open, Matt's gaze landed on his mother, who had just finished taking a shower. Her supple body was barely hidden behind the flimsy towel she had wrapped around herself. Beads of water trickled down her neck. Matt's jaw almost fell to the floor. He was so thunderstruck that his legs refused to budge, rooting him to the floor. His mother looked at him with fright, a blush forming on her cheeks and quickly traveling down her face and neck.

"Why are you doing just sta… standing there?" She said with blushing, "Hurry up and close the door!" Realizing that the front door is open she asked Matt to close it.

"I.. I… I'm sorry!" Apologizing, He closed the door as-as fast as he can with also a blush on his face. "I'm really sorry…" He apologized again.

"Never mind," She said with noticeably less blush on her face and walked away to her room to be clothed. leaving, him behind looking at her back till she can't be seen again…

Matt asked himself a question, "What... what just happened?". Saying that, he nips his arm as hard as possible making sure that it is not a hallucination, subsequently, this also bruised his arm, making it a purplish-blue color in the process, "Ouch! It hurts! I am not hallucinating!" He painfully cried, 'It really hurt, then this is really…! Let's just forget about it, yes forget about it…' inwardly he said.

Eventually, He calmed himself down and walked towards the table where this morning he and his mom eats breakfast together, He then put a box full of grilled skewers on top of the table.

Soon after, He sees his mom approaching, getting closer and closer to him. "Have you finished your job outside?", "Yes," Matt replied. The mother and son duo talked with each other very awkwardly because of the "Unintentional Accident".

The two decides to forget what just happened earlier and continue eating without disruption.

Finished eating, Matt goes upstairs returning to his room…

Inside, Matt turned on his computer and saw the statistic for today's download.

Axion has been uploaded for 2 days and the download count shows that there are about 3,5M people that have downloaded the game since its launch date, and there are more than 2,7M player subscribed on the platform, this meant that his monthly income is about $27M USD, and that income is only from subscription alone! If he added all the in-game purchases and auctions, his income is totaled roughly about ~$40M USD and that is crazy!!!

The game current population is roughly at 675K daily users and it keeps on growing up, so he decided to rent more server space to accommodate the growing population of the game that may come up in the future, and because of this, his daily cost of renting the s

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