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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 6 Chapter 6: Shock and Amazement I
A few hours after Matt released the game and goes to the mall with his mom, a not very Well-known YouTuber is looking through the internet searching for something interesting, his name is Dylan.

Dylan is currently seeking a new game to play and upload it to his YouCube channel, that is when he saw an advertisement for a new game from a game studio that is unknown to him, and in that advertisement it says:

'Accept Missions, Explore the Endless Space, Colonize Unlimited Planets, Battle other Players and Species for SUPREMACY and HONOR! and many more Todo. In this game you can talk to NPC with the most advanced AI in the world which makes them feel real, also explore the Endless Space with realistic graphics that will astonish you, Colonize Planet!? or maybe make your own Space Corporation!? or every one dream and that is becoming a space pirates!? all of that you can do in this game: AXION: Galaxies! the first MMO where you can do whatever you want, wherever you are!

Come join an enjoy your adventures, the AXION awaits you.'

"Woah that is a very big word to say on an advertisement... but if it is true then this game will become the most advanced game out in the world beating most of the triple-A games that came out this year and maybe next year too" he said after reading the ads, "Hmm...? there is a cinematic video? let's see it first Before downloading it." he says while clicking on the play button.

What he saw first when the video is playing is that it looked gorgeous and realistic and the movement of the NPC is not like typical NPC that moved awkwardly but it moved like what a human would move, the city looked big and the building is gigantic looking very futuristic, flying cars everywhere the view then focused on a car that is being chased by the police, the car flies above the sea when the police saw a chance they shot the car causing it to crash down to the water.

The view changed again, it showed a gigantic structure in the middle of the sea nearby where the car crashed into

When Dylan saw this his mouth is agape shocked by what he sees, if someone is given him a donut it will probably fit all of them in one go...

"Wow that looks cool," he says when seeing the structure.

What he sees is actually a space elevator, the camera then moved alongside the elevator going up in to the space after reaching the very top of the megastructure it turned around 360° showing all kinds of thing that are around, what surprised Dylan again is the number of spaceships that are moving around the elevator, 'I can't count them all' he said in his head while still being amazed by what he looked.

The camera then follows a ship that looked like a military ship outside of Earth gravitational pull it engages the warp engine after it started it moved at a speed that is clearly as fast as the speed of light.

After reaching the destination the ship returns to the normal space, and what he sees in front of him is a big Battle that is currently going on and when suddenly one of the ships that are on the battlefield blows up but thankfully some of the crew escaped the explosion with the escape pods.

The view then changed again showing the battlefield below and the SOL far away, but he also sees other solar systems lived by other kinds of species out there calling for him to explore them.

After that, the 5 minutes long Cinematic video ended with the game logo 'Axion: Galaxies' at the end.

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