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Matt's Flash Back...

At the mall, Matt said to Primrose, "I will take the suit tomorrow is that good for you?"

"That is ok sir, I will get the suit ready for tomorrow."

Matt goes to the cashier pulling out a black card before giving it to the clerk behind it.

The clerk is astounded when seeing the card, she knows that this card is very important and only those who have tens of millions of dollars can own one.

Some of Primrose colleague is jealous of her, they have never thought that a person which look like a miser have that much money in its pocket, they blamed their lack of luck on themselves

After that Matt goes to the other store to buy something else.

Finished shopping Matt called for a private car taxi to get him back home.

Arriving at his house Matt run toward his room and cleaned it up before putting the rest to his closet.

While tidying Matt heard the doorbell rang, "Wait a moment!"

He hurriedly finished the stuff the on his hand and answered the intercom, "Hello, who is this?'

Matt heard a familiar voice on the other side, " It is me, Linda can you open the door, please?"

Hearing that Matt looked around the house and found that it was dirty so he replied, "Oh! It is you, Linda. Please wait for a moment!"

Matt turned off the intercom and without delay, he goes to the kitchen and takes the cleaning tool there and clean the house.

After Matt is done he opened the door for Linda to go inside, "please come in!"

Matt escorted Linda to the living room where Linda will be sitting and goes back to the kitchen bring a snack back.

Matt never thought that Linda would come to his house. Matt doesn't know from where she knows his address but Matt thinks that Jason told her.

Linda asked him why he skipped school and he answered truthfully about the accident.

Matt remembers that Jason told him that Linda's father is a businessman and so she knows something about business. So Matt thought about the company he is setting up, he needed someone capable to be the C.E.O of the company and since Linda is capable he asked her if she interested.

After asking Matt know that Linda is interested based on her facial expression but Matt is unsure if she is wanted to accept the position.

Hearing her asking for time to consider Matt know that she really wanted to join but there is something that made her have a second thought.

Matt saw Linda checking the time on the watch on her wrist. Linda then told him that she is late and would need to go home.

At the front door he and Linda hugged each other after saying goodbye.

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