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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 15 Chapter 15: Meeting Again Linda P.O.V
After the bell rang and everyone is going out of the classroom to go home, a teacher called me while I am preparing to go home.

"Linda, Can you do me a favor?"

Hearing her asking a favor I approached her and replied, wondering what it was.

"Sure, Ms. Aria. What help do you need? I will be glad to help you."

"Can you please bring this paperwork to the office downstairs as you go home? If so I will be grateful!"

"it's ok Ms. Aria. it's not that big of a deal. I will bring it to the office downstairs after I am ready to go home"

She thanked me for the help as she goes out of the class.

A few minutes after, I stuffed my thing on the bag I brought with me to school.

Remembering the promise I made. I walked in front of the desk where she sat and, stacked the paperwork on top of each other before heading out the classroom to where the office at.

On the 1st floor where the office is at, I walked on 6he hallway when suddenly I tripped on the carpet that covers the floor falling down.

When I tried getting up, I flinched and bit on my lips as the pain seeps through to my brain making me lose the balance of my body and falls for the second time.

While I am down, I checked my leg for any injury and saw that my ankle got sprained causing it to be blue.

Somebody came in front of me, reaching its hand to help me.

After getting up he told me with worry on his face, "Your ankle got sprained, you need to go to the infirmary and get it treated before it gotten worse! I will bring you there if you can't"

"Thank you, I am grateful that you ask but I have something more important to do now."

Because I am focusing on something else, I didn't notice anything weird about him.

The two of us gathered the scattered paperwork that is around.

Done gathering all of that, he gave me the paperwork he has on his hand to me.

Finally, I got the time to look at him, while searching my memory, I remembered to have seen him before somewhere.

Looking more closely at his face, I shouted.

"Ah! I remember you, You are the one that crashed into me one month ago in a mall! Why are you here?"

"Why? Of course, I am here to learn. What else do you think I am doing? Cleaning the school?" he said sarcastically.

"You are a student here? What a coincidence, we meet again" I said smiling.

"By the way, what are you doing with this paperwork?"

"Oh, these? Well, Ms. Aria asked me to bring this to the office when returning home."

"How about I help you? It will be faster if the two of us work together."

"Sure, why not?"

I gave him half of the paperwork in my hand after that two of us walked down the hallway toward the office.

While we are walking, I endured the pain on my feet by chatting with him.

As we were talking, I did not notice that we have arrived at the office.

Going inside, I headed where Ms. Aria's table at and put down the paper she gave me on it.

Everything is done! We walked out of the office and

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