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After the school done, Linda called her driver to pick her up. Moments later the car arrived at the front of the school, Linda then got inside, "Go to Meadow Street, Uncle George."

"Yes Miss, but what about your father? He will be mad if you don't reach home at the time"

"It is fine, later I will tell him something."

"Alright miss."

The car then drove through the busy street and arrived at some location.

Linda told her driver, Uncle George to park the car in front of an inconspicuous house. Getting off the car Linda walked toward the house where the car parked in front of and rang the bell.

"Yes, hello? Who is this?" Someone sounded from the intercom where Linda pressed.

"It is me, Linda, can you open the door please."

"Oh, it is you, Linda! Alright please wait a moment."

Someone inside the house unlocked the door. Seeing the person Linda cried, "Matt!"

The house Linda visited is actually Matt's house.

Matt just returned home after shopping at the mall for hours straight, the house is a mess now since nobody cleaned it. So when hearing Linda is out in the front Matt hurriedly cleaned the house before opening the door for her.

Matt brought Linda to the living room and sat on the sofa. Matt then goes to the kitchen and prepared some snacks for the two to eat.

After sitting on the sofa, Matt and Linda talked to each other.

"Matt, why didn't you come to school today?"

"Well there is some accident that just happened after I returned home"

"Accident!? Did you hurt yourself?"

"I am fine but it's not me that got into an accident but my mom"

"Really! Is she okay now?"

"Thankfully after the surgery is successful, her condition turned to better now."

"That is good then!"

After talking for a few more minutes Matt asked Linda a question.

"How do you know I lived here?"

"Ah that!? Someone told me."

"Is that so? I guess fine. I heard that your father is a businessman is that true?"

"Yes, that is true… why do you ask me that?"

"Well, you know… I am looking for someone who can help me with my company, so I thought you might be interested in this"

"What company are you establishing?" Linda said with interest.

"It is an entertainment company, what I am prioritizing is the game industry for now."

"Is that true!" Linda surprised.

"Yes, as you may know. The industry is now in a stagnant position and a lot of games are falling than becoming successful for the studio that created them and that affected their income as well as reputation."

"That is true. I have heard about that on the internet as well as the other media"

"And so, I am planning to enter the market at this unstable time. If you interested in joining, I will hire you as a C.E.O since I am bad at it."

"Are you sure!"

"100% sure"

"Alright, I will think about it and tell you tomorrow about my decision"

The two continued their conversation until the sun settled down on the horizon.

Linda saw the time on her watch and see it is time to go and said goodbye to matt.

The two walked on to the front door and hugged before Linda got into her car and returned home.

Inside the car, Linda is in her thought thinking of Matt's proposal, "It's interesting and I want to take part, but I wonder if dad will let me do it though?"

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