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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 17 Chapter 17: The Hospital I
Arriving at the hospital, Matt quickly paid the driver his fare.

Getting off the taxi, he hurriedly went inside the hospital lobby towards where the information desk was.

Breathing in and out of exhaustion, Matt asked one of the nurses that are on duty there while holding his knee as not collapse himself in the hospital, "Ms. Nurse, Do you… do you know where the surgery room... is?"

Seeing Matt out of breath, the nurse hastily pointed and told Matt where it is.

As Matt rapidly goes to where the room is, the doctor inside is in the middle of an intense condition as Ina's body is in a state of shock, thanks to the expertise of the doctor Ina's body condition that is worsening as minutes pass is improved significantly.

The smell of the disinfectant in the air and the sound of people walking makes Matt extremely unnerved as he waits at the front door of the surgical room sitting with his hand covering his face.

Matt sees a doctor come out of the room walking to him, as he approaches Matt stands from where he sat with a red eye on his face.

"Are you patient Ina's family, Matt Graham?" the doctor asks him with a cold face like ice in the pole.

"I am, is something happens to her?" Matt replied.

The doctor then told Matt that surgery is successful!

Esthetic hearing the doctor said that his mother surgery is successful he gripped his palm as tightly as he can and said inwardly, "Thank goodness, everything goes well!"

The doctor then told him to go to the administrative center on the second floor of the hospital to finish the paperwork so his mother can stay hospitalized.

Matt thanked the doctor with a smile as he goes to the second floor where the administrative office is at.

Waiting for the elevator to come Matt saw a man with a neat high-end looking suit also waiting for the same thing as Matt with two bodyguards followed him from behind. The bodyguards itself is scary, with a big and bulky muscle like those mafias he saw on movies.

After the elevator door open, the man and his bodyguards get inside first leaving Matt outside, seeing that there is still space inside he walked when a hand stopped him from going in.

Matt looked at the person who blocked him from going in and saw that it was one of the bodyguards that follows the man.

With a pinched expression and narrowing eyes, he said in annoyance seeing the hand in front of him, "What is this?"

The other bodyguard replied with a hoarse voice and intimidation as he looked at matt eyes face to face. he moved "Sorry, sir. You can't go in."

From the beginning, Matt doesn't like the guy. From the way he acts and speaks, the guy is a bastard who thinks himself as someone highly and look down to whom under him even though he is the same age as Matt. And Matt despises that kind of personality the most, at first Matt just ignored the guy and as long as he doesn't bother him personally, Matt will not care to waste time on someone like him.

But what happens is too much to ignore, he only wanted to go to the second floor but why did he is not allowed to go inside a public elevator?

The people who wanted to go up also complained as to why they can't in.

As people complain increase and the elevator stuck on the first floor, security came in to disperse the crowd before it becomes a problem.

Matt had enough of it, so he decided to go with another more healthier option, which is the stairs!

Before that though, Matt is curious as to who that bastard was, and it seemed that the security knows the guy since they are very polite to him.

Matt approaches one of the securities who worked here and gives him a cigarette as a "gift" as he pointed to a certain direction, "Hey, bro. Do you know who that guy is?"

Receiving the cigarette, the officer, looked at where Matt pointing at, "Which guy?"

Matt knew what the officer meant an gave him another "gift" that he bought. Matt doesn't smoke, but it is handy to have some. Of course, h

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