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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 5 Chapter 5: Unexpected Meeting
Finally, after a long hour on the road, Matt and his mom arrived at the shopping Mall.

After into the mall, his mom asked, "Sweety do you want to walk with me or do you like to wonder on your own?"

"I will be going to buy a new phone, mom so if you don't mind I will be going on my own," he told his mom. Matt does have a phone but it's too outdated so he planned to go to a store to buy a new one.

His mom heard him "Okay then, I will call you when I am done with the shopping."

He then says goodbye to his mom.

After walking around he found his phone brand flagship store, he goes in and a store clerk walked to him asking, "Hello sir, may I help you?"

"Yes, actually I have a phone but it's too outdated for my current use, and I wanted to upgrade it. can you recommend me something?" he asked.

The clerk asked him what kind of phone he wanted to buy, "What I want is a 6" or more 4K OLED display with 126GB of ROM, 6GB of RAM, VR Capable and as for the camera, I don't care about it very much but it will be appreciated if it can capture a high-quality image, but the important thing is that it must have a headphone jack!"

When hearing his phone requirements the store clerk is taken aback by his request, she then led him to the display and showed him the phone.

Matt looking at the phone "I like this one but..." he looked at the clerk "where is the headphone jack?".

The Store Clerk told him that there is no more room inside the phone to add the jack.

Matt looked at the store clerk asking if this is the only one that met his request, but unfortunately for him, the clerk nodded back saying yes.

"Fine then, I will buy this one please" the clerk led him to the counter and asked him to wait until she brought back the phone.

After that, he goes to the cashier to take his new phone.

"How much is the cost?" Matt asked the cashier. "It is 1000 dollar sir," the cashier told him, he then takes out his card out giving it to the cashier and received it back.

*Ring~Ring* *Ring~Ring*

A sound of his new phone ringing came from his pocket. when he saw the caller ID he answers the call, "Hi Mom, done shopping?" it is his mom "Yes I'm done, Alright then, I will come to you now."

Matt then walked away from the store in a hurry since his mom waiting for him to go home. when suddenly someone bumped into him and both of them falls down.


"Are you okay?" the person that bumped into him asked with a worried look on its face.

Matt heard a female voice asking him, "I am okay, what about you? you are not hurt right?"

"I am okay," she answered him with a thankful voice. "I am sorry for bumping into you." apologized her.

"No problem, it's my fault too" Matt then saw one of her hand is bleeding, "hey you are clearly not okay at all, look at your hand it's bleeding, you need a plaster for your wound!"

"Its okay, you don't have to worry, it is just a small wound, I will plaster it after I got home"

Matt told h

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