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After talking with his mom, Matt returns to his room upstairs and locked the door and puts out the item he received from the Goddess.

The Item shaped like a hard disk, Matt wonder how the item this small can work, so he decided to connect it to his laptop for easier use.

His laptop turned off and on again but what appeared was not the usual Wind*ws X but rather a logo with letter 'GAS'.

"That looks like a cutting-edge logo, cool!" Matt said to himself in his head.

"Umm... Hello, GAS what can you do for me?" Matt asked him a question. He then thought in his mind "I wonder if it would be possible to communicate?"

"that's perfect for me" Matt talked to himself excited.

"Yes!" Matt said and continues "Finally I am making my first game" Matt felt happy inside to finally make his first game. A list appears.


Axion: Galaxies


"The Milky Ways"

Humans, Bespolgans, Nihalgane, Elassi, Dishorn.

"America, Europe, China, SEA, Oceania"


With everything set up, Matt waited while looking at the work of art that is GAS.

Your eyes that are watching the monitor opens wide almost forcing it to go out of its socket.

Matt sees planets and other extraterrestrial object being created like a mushroom popping up everywhere he looked. After all the planet is completed building is built in some of them to house NPC and Players at the same time.

After everything is built GAS populated all of the building with NPC.

Matt then decided to add some NPC civilization on the undiscovered planet to make it interesting for the player to explore. He made the game so the player can either report the planet or take it for themselves.

All the player will start on a different planet based on the species they choose. The player will star at the bottom as a civilian and they can join in the military to climb up the ranks, make their own interstellar corporation, explorer or even space pirates if their infamy is high enough.

Earth is governed by a single governing body. There will be no countries anymore. This one governing body is called the Grand Republic of Planets or GRP for short since it is not just Earth that they governed but all of the SOL system and also some planet outside of the SOL system.

There are many nations and races in the universe but there is only 5 that can be played as a playable species and that is Humans, Bespolgans, Nihalgane, Elassi, and Dishorn.

After a few minutes, the game is finished and ready to be released...

Title: Game Assist System, Making a Game

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