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acpven > Third Game: The Burning Dream > 8 Chapter 8: Viral!
~Matt P.O.V~

After Matt and his mom arrived back at their house he went straight to his room excited to check if anyone had downloaded his game.

And to his surprise when he saw the download statistics on his computer screen, the game has been downloaded for more than a thousand times in just the span of a few hours after it released and its still rising, this meant that the income he got from players playing with monthly subscription will be more than $100.000 Dollar and that is only from the subscription alone not including the in-game purchases!!!

But Matt is currently very confused about why this surge of player downloading AXION happened. Based on his deduction AXION won't become this popular until Monday next week and currently now is Friday so there is still a few days left before people take notice of the game and naturally takes its course to become popular on its own.

"Unless... Unless there is something or somebody that made this happen early!" Matt thought while smiling.

He then opened a search engine and typed 'AXION' on the search bar and searched it, what came out was tons of website talking about his game and how excellent and good it was.

The one that intrigued him the most is a video uploaded showcasing the gameplay, contents, and graphics of the game.

When he saw the view numbers he got surprised because it got more than a million view within just a few hours making this video VIRAL!!!

To be honest Matt is very happy that this happened, not only he got the money needed to establish his game studio but also he got free advertisement from people that uploaded their experience playing the game to the internet.

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