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As the evening went by, it was soon time for dinner. Azyl woke up and looked around. Ferbis had already left but Zewoulf was still deep in meditation. He decided to wait for him so he also closed his eyes for the time. He wasn't trying to meditate rather he just let his mind roam around. He let his conscience wander through his body, circulating and feeling through his body.

To increase your Prana level meditating and circulating Prana over and over in revolutions was the way. This was a very arduous and boring way to train but the only effective method too. Right now Zewoulf should be trying to increase his control over Prana. Controlling ten revolutions meant that you had entered level 2 but the next level was a little too far. Only at hundred revolutions you could enter level 3 and increasing your control by even a single revolution was very difficult.

As Azyl was calmly sitting there he suddenly had a thought. When someone circulated Prana there was a specific path that was followed, it wasn't like simply rushing it through the body. A path was followed, a narrow one too. This path was called Origin path and the practitioner was naturally aware of it. Azyl while circulating naturally had followed it but the thing was that he had also felt the presence of other paths. He had wanted to try and explore what this meant. Just as Azyl thought to move into meditation and meditate over this matter he heard the soft voice of someone rising. Again he had to leave this matter for some other time. Although he wasn't particularly interested in it, still he had some curiosity. He quietly opened his eyes to look at a refreshed Zewoulf.

"Were you trying to meditate?" Zewoulf quietly asked. He didn't like the idea of him disturbing him as Azyl rarely meditated.

" Not really, I was just waiting for you. Let's get moving" Azyl started to move out of the dorm.

" Thanks for waiting" and Zewoulf followed him with that. He didn't really know why he followed Azyl all time but continued.

They moved towards the Dining Hall which was located in the centre of their Dorm area. As they entered, very few people were still around. The hall was going to close up soon. The academy had strict timings for every activity and they had to be followed unless you wanted to go empty stomach to the bed.

The Hall was divided into two regions- the outer and inner cafeteria. The outer cafeteria served food which was free of cost, while in inner cafeteria you need to buy yourself. The difference was in nutritional value. Elementalists required a lot of nutrients and the food provided at the outer cafeteria was barely enough and it also had its limitations.

Azyl and Zewoulf ate their dinner in silence and quickly finished. Just as they were about to leave the hall a rude voice entered their ears.

" Haha, so even beggars from the villages get to enter the Academy. Come and bow to this Young lord and I may consider buying you some leftovers."

Zewoulf was immed

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