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For the past week Azyl felt the world change at a rapid rate. His knowledge expanded, and he got to learn stuff he had never heard of before. The fact that Rising Sun Empire was only a small backward nation alone had left him dumbfounded. Avis Realm was so big that he couldn't even begin to comprehend the immensity even after he heard about it from Elder Eden.

Avis Realm was one humongous continent divided into regions based on their directions. It was so big that a thousand Rising Sun Empires could fit in it. The Continent was surrounded by Ocean and other big islands, which although not comparable to the Main Continent were still bigger than his Nation. Rising Sun Empire was situated in the Southernmost region of Avis Continent with its Western Province facing the Sea. West Cloud City, in the Western province although was still some distance from the sea, nearer to the Forest.

Other than that Azyl also finally had an idea about what those Dust particles from the Dream Realm were. Elder Eden was telling him about the Elements when it struck him.

"So do you know what the world is made of? The answer is Elements. Everything around you consists of Elements. Well except the Soul maybe everything else I can say is made of Elements. But a cultivator can't usually communicate with more number of Elements. The knowledge of each Elements if regarded as an ocean, a person usually can only comprehend some streams that enter that ocean. Trying to understand the whole ocean is even more difficult than shattering a shackle." Elder Eden spoke.

"You mean to say that the Knowledge of Every Element is made up of different aspects, virtues that differ?" Azyl asked.

"Basically yes. Like if we were to talk of the Water Element. Its gentle when you look at a pond, but the same water flows with torrential ferocity in a river. Gentle and ferocious two opposites yet in the same Element. These Attributes of the Element define it and make it. They all also are interconnected. Other than improving you Prana Control and Mental Strength, comprehension of the Attributes of an Element are also an important aspect to shatter a Shackle."

"Elder earlier you mentioned that the world is made up of Elements. So what are the Elements made up of?" Azyl asked. Elder Eden paused for a moment before answering him.

"Elements are made up of small particles. These particles are so small that you can't ever see them with your eyes. Even practitioners of a higher realm can only perceive their presence but not see them. But as everything is made up of them if someone were capable of seeing them like that then the whole world may appear as dots to him. We call these particles 'Archons'. But you don't have to think about them. They are still many shackles away from you." He had laughed.

But the description had immediately made him think of the cloud of Dust particles. Quickly he shut his thoughts to ponder on it later.

His injuries had healed with a day's re

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