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For a moment he stood blank, then regaining himself quickly stepped forward towards the dais. The platform was fairly raised and to reach you would need to jump high enough. Azyl made a perfect land and moved towards the Obsidian Tablet. He observed the man standing near the tablet. It was only now that after he saw him he realized that this was the Vice-principal. Greeting the Vice-principal he moved to the tablet and placed his hands on it.

The Black tablet had a warm feeling to it. He closed his eyes and slowly started to control Prana. He already knew what the results were going to be and although not anything too good, it was enough to allow him to pass. Soon he felt a warm surge at his hands and the Tablet flashed.

Age : 12

Prana stage : Stage 2

Revolutions : 17

Seeing the previous results, the lowest had been 14 revolutions and Azyl result could be considered average. Everyone after seeing the result settled, as it was nothing special. But then suddenly.... The 17 started rising and became 18 and soon it again rose four times to settle at 22. Silence reigned. Earlier for no one had the Number rose but now that it had the results were different. 22 revolutions was considered good. Everyone was stunned for a moment. But then something even more bizarre happened. The Tablet once more flashed and this time it was quite different. The revolutions column was - 05.

This time the silence was even more eerie. The final result was-

Age : 12

Prana stage : Stage 2

Revolutions : 05

While this flashed no one seem observe that Prana level still read 2. All here were aware that to enter Prana level 2 you need to at least be able to control 10 revolutions. But soon the silence broke with a disdaining laughter. Everyone after seeing this joined mocking the silver haired student who stood there like a statue.

While for Azyl, the world seemed to melt away. From the moment he had came to the academy he had acted as if he cared for nothing. He hadn't cared for anything around him. But now he felt it. All at once all the laughing voices hit him hard. He stood there with his head lowered with a single thought racing through his mind. "How did this happen ...". The crowd kept on laughing.

Then suddenly he thought of a possibility. Could this have something to do with the new path he had opened, but he was only able to control 2 revolutions in that path. His thoughts were cut short with a sharp voice.

"Silence everyone."

At Vice-Principal's command all were silenced.

"As it seems the Tablet seems to be malfunctioning. The Prana stage still reads 2 So it can't be that this students cultivation is low, but this should be a mistake with the Tablet. The Test should continue as I've already checked it. The result for this student will be 17"

And with that Vice-Principal showed him back towards the area from where he came. As he went back, Azyl felt that even moving among those students seemed to be a huge task for him. He moved his body, stumbling as he jumped from the platform. The usual screen that he used to keep between him and his environment seemed to have broken. As he passed the students he could hear a lot of jeering voices, voices which earlier he would have ignored now felt like nails being hammered in his ears. Now he could understood that his attitude here had been full of arrogance and overconfidence. He hadn't cared about anyone around him disregarding everyone.

"He must have tried to cheat using something. Got what he deserved."

"Yeah, trying to trick the academy isn't that easy.."

"How was a trash like him even admitted in the Academy..."

A lot of voices entered his ears as he moved to stand beside Zewoulf. He was feeling bad that at this moment Zewoulf might turn on him. Instead:

"You didn't cheat, did you?" came a voice from beside him.

"No" Azyl replied lightly, without explaining further. He didn't know how to feel right now.

"Well I be

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