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Azyl was atop the tree, unable to move as fear had engulfed him. The approaching beast was still quite away from his position but the pressure it emitted from such a distance had totally terrified him. It was the first time he had seen an Elemental Beast. And it felt that it would also be the last. He had no way to escape from the beast, it seemed as though it had locked onto him. He was a wide target, on the top of the tree and the Beast wasn't leaving such a prey.

All Elemental Beasts had evolved from normal wild beasts, after gaining enlightenment and learning to cultivate. So they had a natural animosity towards humans. Likewise they were also divided into ranks depending upon their strength.

At this moment the beast had got close enough for Azyl to make out its features. The temperature around a large radius suddenly dropped as the beast that resembled a Panther approached. It had snow white coat and razors of ice sprouted from its spine. The look it gave Azyl showed that it was at ease with knowledge that its prey couldn't escape from it. Indeed the Elemental Beast showed intelligence unlike normal creatures.

The current situation Azyl was in could only be described as a disaster. He could not think of any way to escape. He was stuck upon a tree with a sword in his hand which he was nowhere proficient enough to use. Nothing on hand felt could be used in his current predicament. Suddenly the advancing Beast stopped in its tracks. It had felt a disturbance in the surroundings. Beasts were naturally sensitive and had a survival instinct and right now The Frost Panther had felt danger. It scanned its surroundings and finally stared in a direction.

A safe distance away, Kyle was astonished as the Beast stared in his direction. Although he knew that his body was hidden in the foliage of the forest, the Beast could still detect him. Its strength also was no less than his. He had no intentions to interfere with the matters of the Beast as it was helping him accomplish his mission. He only wanted to stay till it was necessary to make sure the task was completed.

But the now things seemed complicated. If the beast made a move at him now not only would he be revealed, but the risk of facing an Elemental Beast was also there. It would be too troublesome even for him if he wanted to finish it off quickly, or else the Teachers might sense a commotion. This mission just got upgraded.

'I need to quickly finish of the boy and move from here.' He thought as he set in motion.

As the Beast looked in another direction, Azyl got a second to breathe and adjust his breathing. He was scared stiff when the Beast had been staring at him. He looked around, making himself ready in a position to jump and change trees. He was definitely not getting on the ground.

Just as he was about to move, he felt a pair of cold eyes locking on to him and the feeling he had in morning engulfed him. He turned to see a crescent Blade of energy approac

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