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As he felt the change that had taken place Azyl could not help but smile. After a probe he could feel that his Prana level had rose by a level. Prana level was something that was very difficult to raise and bitter training was required to raise it. Yet he was able to raise it by a level in a single night. This was something that was inconceivable to others.

He rose up and carefully checked again for any other gains he might have reaped but there was nothing he saw off. Although he still didn't thought of being an Elementalist within his reach, his confidence had rose substantially and it didn't feel as hopeless as before. Just as he thought about how his opinion towards Elementalists had brighten up, he remembered a certain memory he had been trying to suppress ever since he had come here.


His mind wandered back to that evening in his village. He had just returned home after spending a day in the field. He loved the nature and would spend hours under a tree, playing flute. After washing himself he had proceeded to sit down to meditate, at that time Azyl was of eleven years of age and like all he had a glint of worship in his eyes at the mention of Elementalists. The day for the selection of the child who would go to academy was fast approaching and Azyl was looking forward to it.

Just as he was about to start meditate, he heard a cry of pain. He was startled as the sound came from the room beside his, which was his parent's room. He rushed over and as he was about to enter he heard the concerned voice of his mother.

"Has the backlash from the Fire poison still not subsided. It's already been twelve years and it should have been long cured.

" I too believed that it had subsided, but it suddenly resurfaced a week ago. I didn't want to worry you and Azyl but it is getting worse and seems like I'll need an Ice grade elixir....."

At that moment Azyl barged in to find his father laying on the floor, his hands red as if they had been soaked in boiling water. His face was pale and looked frail to the point that a wind could sweep him off.

Azyl couldn't speak anything as he looked at his father's miserable condition. Tears started welling up in his eyes. His father meekly smiled at him and said-

"You should not worry about this. It's just some past trouble that I encountered and I will soon be as good ever. You should work hard to get the chance to get in the academy. I am waiting for the day when you become a successful Elementalist." he laughed as he changed the topic, Azyl could feel how pained his father seemed by seeing how he wouldn't meet his eyes. He looked at him and suddenly asked-

"Father, who was that caused you such pain?" He didn't know why but he had a feeling that the cause of his father's pain was caused by someone rather than some other reason.

He saw a surprised look on his father's face before it was replaced by a smile again. His father tried convincing that it was a disease he had acquired long back, but Azyl had already confirmed to himself that this pain was inflicted by someone. He couldn't think of anyone who had a grudge with his father, but someone who could inflict a damage that lasted for twelve years was someone who they could not offend.

And he could only think of one type of person who that could be- An Elementalist.

As Azyl shrugged off this memory he knew that some doubt had been born in him regarding Elementalists after that incident. And it only grew after he saw his father's condition worsen. He didn't know how to help his father. But the heavens were not merciless and his father suddenly one day made a miracle recovery . Although he didn't know the details, he felt it must have something to do with the visit her mother had made to the forest one day.

After this Azyl's attitude changed and he stopped meditating altogether, but fate planned it to be other ways and he was still selected to go to the academy. He had started to despise

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