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"After thinking about them I can only say that-

Swift Sword focuses on speed.

Gentle Sword focuses on sharpness,

Rock Sword is for strength." Azyl said.

"Wonderful!" Elder Eden exclaimed. He had not thought that Azyl would be able to comprehend this. He certainly was a talent.

Azyl himself was not too sure about his answer. He had thought about this while he was slashing a thousand times earlier.

"Okay so now you have another task added to your daily training. Besides thousand slashes you will also practice the three forms I showed you. With this as base you will have the top skills among your peers after you have shattered your first Shackle." Elder Eden spoke. It was rare to see him happy. But his words were not at all pleasant to Azyl. This much training would kill him before he got to see any results.

"Elder I don't know anything about the three forms other than their intent. How can I practice them?" Azyl asked hoping that it would be deducted from his schedule.

"Of course you don't anything about them. You aren't a Sword Master now are you? Just trying to imitate them with the intent in your mind would be good enough. You are after all on the Path of Elements." He replied.

After that Elder went on to speak about some basics about the sword and cleared his doubts. After trying the sword many, there were many points that had perked up Azyl's curiosity. He continued asking questions and soon it was late at night. Elder Eden brought him some Fruits to eat and said him to continue with the overnight meditation.

Azyl had been feeding on fruits and plants for the past week. At first he had thought that it would not be enough to please his hunger, but was surprised. It took only one fruit, and he could not eat more. He thought he had lost his appetite after the injury but that idea was ridiculous. Even after a week he could only consume two fruits that Elder provided. He thought there must be something special about these fruits.

Then he started to practice Prana. Elder Eden had said that he should not try to unlock a secondary path now so he gave up that task and completely proceeded to revolve Prana on his Origin Path.

Over the past week he had thought a lot about the Dream Realm in which he had earlier been in. That place had seemed so strange at that time, but now after learning so much from Elder Eden he had vague idea on what it was. The dust particle cloud were most probably Archons and his healing ability should also have come from after visiting that place.

About how to reach that place he was totally confused. When he was there last time, he was in a spirit form without a true body. Earlier he wouldn't have thought so but now he could tell that it was his soul that had been transported there. And if that was true how could he go back there again? Absorbing the Dust particles might have some use he wasn't aware of. Also was it someplace which everyone could visit? Maybe people of the Pa

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