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All the New students were assembled in the Battle Arena, waiting for their turn to be come. The procedure was simple like in the morning. They were asked to ascend the platform and sit down opposite to Teacher Zeke with their eyes closed. They had to be prepared to face the Mental pressure.

Teacher Zeke then performed a hand seal and gradually a pressure would engulf the student in front. It would make them unable to move even an inch. It felt like Iron Hammers weighing upon them each a tone and increasing with each passing second.

Their score would be how much seconds they were able to sustain under this pressure (that is without passing). As the number of people went and came by it was pretty obvious that this exam was much tougher than the previous one. Unlike the last test where the result was predetermined, it wasn't in this Phase. Also those students who had followed Teacher Zeke's method to train their Mental strength were able to score better.

It was quick for pretty much everyone. No one was able to last even 30 seconds. The highest had been 27 seconds up till now. Some also started screaming as they weren't able to endure it.

Soon it was Azyl's turn to ascend the platform for the second time that day. As he approached the dais, the whole Arena had their eyes on him which made it more uncomfortable for him. He tried concentrating on his breathe, but the pressure from the Arena was already testing him. Finally after it seemed like a long time, he was in front of Teacher Zeke. Without meeting his eyes he sat down cross legged, closed his eyes and tried concentrating on the point in between his eyes.

The feeling didn't hit him with a surprise, but more like an approaching wave. Then he could feel it envelope around him, pricking all over, then it was flattening him from all sides, and then he could feel being crushed. Pain slowly emerged as seconds passed and he was then trying his best to endure. He was sweating all over and each second felt like an hour.

He suddenly then thought of using his own Mental strength to counter the pressure. He tried guiding his Mental energy to the center of his head. Just as his mental energy made contact with Teacher Zeke's Energy he felt it. He could feel that comparing his and Teacher's Energy was like comparing a drop and a lake. Just as he was about to give up he felt a warm feeling at the center of his head, like a warm light between his eyes. As he tried reaching for it suddenly the Pressure around him elevated to an unprecedented level.

He let out a gasp and abruptly opened his eyes. He looked at Teacher Zeke and could see that he was smiling.

"21 seconds", He announced the results and waved Azyl back towards his place. After the result was announced, silence fell. It was like they had been expecting some kinda spectacle again like in morning. But the result differed totally from what happened in the morning. In fact it could even be considered good as it was above the average. Most felt in their mind that the Silver haired dude had again done something to cheat.

While Azyl also felt blank as he stood beside Zewoulf. He tried going through what had happened in the last seconds but wasn't able to grasp the warm sensation he had felt in the end.

He wasn't able to reach it neither was he able to comprehend. Also he felt as if he had been forced to open his eyes. Why would Teacher Zeke force him to open his eyes when he could have scored better? Right when he was supporting him so much the other day. But then there was his smile again. What did that mean?

Azyl's mind was so confused right now that he didn't observe as the test neared its end. As the last of student descended the platform suddenly a voice entered his mind. Like as in his mind not ears.

"Your current score is good for you. You don't want to garner attention again by scoring the top do you? Keep up, I believe in you", it was Teacher Zeke's voice and it gave him some comfor

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