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Spending the whole night trying to clear the Secondary path, Azyl still wasn't able to complete the task. It was much more difficult than last time. The difficulty of guiding Prana towards a Secondary Path was much more than he could have thought. But after he woke up in the morning, he felt something different. Whole night absorbed in the difficult task he had not paid attention to the changes that had occurred.

Despite not resting for the whole night he felt full of energy, even more so than he would have felt after a good sleep. And when he tried circulating Prana, he was surprised that he had leveled up. Getting he didn't feel sore in his legs, after spending the whole night cross-legged. He was astonished a bit, then decided to ask Elder Eden later about it.

He quickly got ready to begin the day with the three hours physical training that Elder had said him to do. He ran out of the cave and began his day with running.

Standing atop a hill in the valley, Elder Eden observed the kid go around doing the various activities he had told him. He was definitely impressed by the kid's spirit and perseverance. Building up the kid's physique next step would be to choose a weapon for him.

Elementalists usually neglected training of their physique, which became a big hindrance in close combat. Thus, they always could only play at long range. Every Path naturally had their advantages and disadvantages.

So training in combat techniques and weapons were to be a must. Of course the dependence on a weapon and close combat was only there for the starting realm as later on after breaking more Shackles a person is naturally reinforced with a strong body.

But he wasn't going to be here for long to protect the kid so he had to teach him in a weapon. He himself was well versed in many weapons so it won't be that troublesome to teach him. The problem was which weapon to choose. He didn't have a suitable choice for the kid. But then he thought to leave the headache to the kid.

When he was finally finished with all the exercises, he was totally drenched in sweat. He felt so much fatigued that he wanted to just lay down and sleep. But before he could do anything he swept away by the wind towards the cave. Elder Eden stood there waiting.

Azyl looked at him and then remembered that he wanted to ask him some doubts, but before he could Elder had already started to explain everything.

"You want to know the sudden increase in Prana level right? Well, that isn't really much complicated. Training in Prana after exhausting your body has better results. After all Prana is the life force of humans so if you are fatigued it helps you. Thus the body absorbs the Prana also increasing your level. But this doesn't work always. As you have never really practiced like this, it would be effective for five times max. "

"Prana level increases if you increase your Mental strength to control more prana and if you can increase your absorption and tot

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