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As the Sun came up on the East, the Battle Arena of West Cloud Elements Academy was brimming with students. Everyone had already gathered for the final Phase. Every student was part excited and part nervous. After this phase they would be able to begin the journey down the Path of elements for real. Well at least half of them might be able to. The half that manages to get into the Elements class.

Azyl was standing beside Zewoulf, while many around him gave him scornful looks. He didn't mind them. He had gone back to being like how he was before. Aloof. Detached. He only wanted to do well in this test and unease won't help. Neither would these disdainful stares. He diverted his mind to think about what could they be tested in this phase.

After talking with Nigel he had come to know that the third Phase was always a task. The difficulty of the task depended on how the batch of students fared in the first two Phases. It could be anything, ranging from completing a small task for a merchant's guild to hunting Elemental beasts in the Mist Beast Forest (that most probably would not happen, Nigel was just tryna scare me) he thought.

Their wait didn't last long. Soon Vice Principal appeared on the platform. He swept a glance over all of them before he spoke:

"The last Phase will begin in an hour. Before that let me brief you all. The task that you all will be completing is a lot difficult compared to that of past years. The difficulty far exceeds what you can imagine. Everyone here needs to think it through whether they want to continue or not, as there is an option to withdraw. Those that withdraw will directly be applied to Combat class. So think this thoroughly before you are ready to stake your lives." With that he turned around and then "Oh a gentle reminder, you will all have to enter the Mist Beast Forest for this task" He disappeared into thin air.

The whole crowd broke into chaos. Everyone started discussing and deciding what to do. Even before they began with their task, most of them now had weaker state of mind as compared to before.

Azyl maintained hid calm and tried to understand the situation. He immediately understood that the test had already begun. This situation that the vice principal had presented to them is definitely a test to weed out those weak willed students. Although he had stated they would be enrolled in combat class, wouldn't it then mean that getting in that class was just too simple? After all even if not as important as Elementalists, soldiers still made a major portion of the forces. And any fragile heart would not be able to survive the militia.

Sure enough everyone came to a similar conclusion, and even though the risk they were facing was the Mist Beast Forest they tried remain steady. As no one came forward to Vice principal's proposal, he nodded his head from his position, which of course no one saw. He had given them one hour to prepare for the test. They weren't supposed to leave the

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