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"Elder, how can this happen?" Azyl asked, barely hiding the excitement in his voice.

"What don't tell me you weren't aware about why an Essence core is so important? And you even trusted me in the whole process without knowing what is the use of an Essence core." Elder Eden spoke to him.

"I wasn't aware that Essence core enabled a person to store Prana." Azyl replied embarrassingly. Indeed after that one revolution he had immediately noticed that all the Prana had been stored in his Dantian surrounding the Essence core present there.

Before this, usually after he completed a revolution the Prana would dissipate if he didn't control it to make another revolution. So this was a huge change for him, who wasn't aware of the benefits of an Essence core.

"How do you then think that a Daivat is supposed to face off in a dangerous situation. If he didn't have reserves of Prana, do you suppose that he is to sit down and start meditating. An Essence core works as an anchor and thus it allows to store Prana in the Dantian, without it dissipating." Elder asked him.

"Oh, I get it now, but what do you mean by a Daivat??"

"That's how cultivators are usually referred to as. You won't hear that much around these rural areas, though. It's a title from an ancient language. No one really knows the meaning but it has been like that for a long time." Elder explained.

"Coming back to the main topic, how do you feel after forming your Essence core?" Elder then asked.

"Umm, there isn't much difference other than that now I can store Prana I think. I know that my Prana level increased by three level during the process, but other than that I haven't observed any other change." Azyl replied after observing the changes to his body carefully once more. Although he felt that this shouldn't be it. Forming an Essence core was one of the most important steps to ascend the first Shackle.

"I won't tell you right away the wonders you are yet to discover. I'll give you this day to ponder and try to uncover anything you can. After that I want an answer tomorrow. Consider this a test as only then would there be constant improvement. Maybe I would even consider taking you as my disciple if you showed extraordinary talent." Elder Eden said and then disappeared with the wind.

Azyl was at once delighted to hear the last part. After the guidance from the Elder Eden for nearly two weeks Azyl wanted more than anything to become his disciple, but he didn't know how bring it up again. Now that he was being given an opportunity he would definitely do his best.

If only he was aware that Eden had already marked him as his disciple, the look on his face then would be amusing.

He then moved back to the cave and started to think about the problem at hand. Although Elder had said the whole day was granted, he only had a night. Since he had finished with the Essence core, the sun had long buried itself.

Steadying himself he sat down to first circula

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