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Azyl was extremely excited as he was finally going to learn about Elemental arts. He had always dreamt about it and now he had the chance. He had even decided to push back his doubt about Elementalists and the memory from a year ago. After meeting Elder Eden he had learned how naïve he had been and right now growing stronger was his only concern. Only those who had strength had a place in this world.

Getting up and quickly washing up he reached the spot where Elder usually taught him under the biggest tree in the valley. He couldn't wait to try and manipulate fire, or control earth to change, or even come and go like the wind how Elder Eden did it. He was just too excited.

"You won't be doing any of those things that you imagined just now. Well not until you reach the third Shackle." Elder said the moment Azyl was before him, as if dumping a bucket of cold water on him.

"The Path of Elements is not some walk in the park and certainly not whatever magic you think it to be. Cultivating in Elements, although a widely recognized path is still extremely a dangerous one." Elder Eden continued before Azyl could say anything.

"So before I teach you further I'll allow you to first give it some thought about this. If you decide to not to continue, I'll have no qualms and you can still be a Combatant."

Azyl was a bit stumped after hearing this. He had already spent two weeks training and had made up his mind long back that he would get stronger. The way Kyle had looked at him before was still clear in his mind. He would never allow anyone else to look at him like that. He was getting stronger, and nothing could change his mind.

Elder Eden when heard these thoughts was surprised as well as glad. What a great seedling this kid was.

"OK if you have made up your mind then let's move on to the main topic for today. You still haven't formed a soul crystal and aren't ready for it either. Today I will guide you to form your Essence Core." Elder Eden immediately continued after he was sure that Azyl had made up his mind. In fact Azyl hadn't really said anything but the old man had already read his thoughts and didn't believe to further question him regarding this as he thought he might waver in his will if he continued.

Azyl rolled his eyes at how shameless this person was. He had already got used to this but still he should at least have some dignity.

"Earlier I talked to you about how the whole world is made up of elements and how elements are made of Archons. Now what is it that allows Elementalists to control the Elements?" Elder continued, ignoring the thoughts of the kid.

"Is it because of archons, maybe?" Azyl thought for some time and answered. The tiny particles that Elder Eden had spoken about fascinated Azyl to no end. He could still not entirely believe that the whole world was made up of small dots. And he wouldn't have either if he had not been to the Dream Realm.

"You are right about that. Archons play a r

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