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'Mental Energy', that was something that many of them had indeed not heard of. Whispers started to break out as everyone began talking about it. They were all excited at the mention of anything new regarding Elementalists.

"Silence. All of you listen clearly as I won't be repeating." Teacher Zeke reprimanded as he saw how everyone had started creating a ruckus. Teacher Zeke was a very strict person and demanded the utmost discipline from every student. The students immediately fell into silence.

"Everyone here is already aware of Prana, the life source of every living being. And all of you also know that the Prana level of a person can be increased by training in Prana. You all circulate Prana to improve you control over it and increase your level. But hasn't anyone thought what it is that enables you to control Prana?"

"The answer is Mental Energy. It is the Mental Energy that helps you control Prana and guide it through your body. Mental Energy and Prana are closely related. While Prana can be considered important to your body, Mental Energy is important to your soul. But remember that while Mental Energy is created within you, even Elementalists don't have the ability to create Prana. It is a form of energy that is created by the Nature."

As everyone felt these words sink they started contemplating what they had learned. Azyl thought about how he would always end up feeling exhausted after reaching his limit. Suddenly he had a realisation. The exhaustion he every time he had, now he realised was the exhaustion of Mental Energy. So he felt that if it could be exhausted and replenished then .....--

"Increasing your Prana level not only requires a good control over Prana but also a strong Mental Energy to support it. That means that not only you people have to perfect your control over Prana, but also strengthen your Mental Energy."

Everyone ended up reaching this conclusion as Teacher spoke the words. Didn't this mean that all the hard training they had been doing all this time was only half the real deal. That meant they would need to put even more effort and train in Mental Energy. Man this Elements whatever was starting to look scary stuff. The question now was how to train in Mental Energy?

"To strengthen your Mental Energy, the basic step to begin with would be to reach a calm state of mind. And as it is you people seem to be struggling with it. Performing the Ashtavakrasana to the point where you become unaware of your surroundings and reach a unique calmness of mind, that is what your aim should be. But you all don't seem too good with it."

It was only now that the students understood why they had been doing the same thing over and over. But even still they couldn't help but feel helpless. If they all needed to reach a perfect state in Ashtavakrasana, there was still a long way to go and cultivation of Mental Energy seemed to be even farther away.

"You all don't need to be dispirited about this fact. As to why I told you about all this, it is because it is all related to the coming test. You'll soon understand importance of what I said later. Now I will be teaching you something new. This can be said to be the other way around to strengthen your Mental Energy"

Immediately the class was once again in an uproar. Hearing that there was another way around to strengthen Mental Energy everyone was delighted. Seeing the reaction of the class his time Teacher did not stop them at once. He had a sly smile at his mouth as he observed the students. No one saw this reaction of Teacher, except Azyl. Seeing their teacher smile there while standing, he immediately felt that something didn't fit. He fell into a deep thought process as he considered what could be wrong, while Teacher continued,

"Mental Energy strength can also be divided into eight levels. They are referred to as Manas stages. You all currently can not even be considered to have entered stage1. This method that I will teach

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